Knocking Out The Competition

Nick “King Beamen” Givhan

Man this cat Nick King Beamen Givhan is so dedicated to fitness and staying true to his training. Nick’s coach “Terrance Thompson” puts him through some rigorous training unmatched by his competitors. When asked what Nicks advantage was over his competitors Nick replied “BITE” abbreviated for “BIT** I’m Tryin Eat” a real hunger for success :).

Committed to excellence King Beamen or Nick works hard, trains harder, and has a body of cut titanium to match his swift jab and to die for body blow. Where does all the magic happen at stop in sometimes to see the champ at work, your wont be disappointed.

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Coach Terrance Thompson

Residence Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
Birth Date 3-20-1986
Trainer T Thompson Evolution
Training Location Alliance AZO Martial Arts Training Center
Height 5′ 9″
Division Light Welterweight
Rounds Boxed 62
Record Won 17 – Drawn 1 – Lost 1 KO% 53